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Trendy weight-loss drugs appear to increase the risk of a rare and potentially blinding eye condition, a new study warns.

People with diabetes prescribed semaglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy) were more than four times more likely to be diagnosed with NAION, ...

A well-established cholesterol-lowering drug appears to significantly slow the progression of a diabetes-related eye disease, a new trial shows.

Fenofibrate (Tricor) has been approved since 2004 as a means of lowering cholesterol. Now, this new study shows ...

Summertime is primetime for the great outdoors, but that can mean new hazards for your eyes, one expert warned.

Simple steps can help cut the risk, said ophthalmologist Dr. Masih Ahmed, an assistant professor of ophthalmology at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

Out in the sun

This on...

Robot-guided radiation therapy can improve treatment for age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss and blindness among American seniors, a new study shows.

Precisely targeted radiation treatment reduced by a quarter the number of routine injections needed to treat wet-type

  • Dennis Thompson HealthDay Reporter
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  • June 13, 2024
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  • An injectable gene therapy caused measurable improvements in vision among a small group of people with inherited blindness, an early-stage clinical trial says.

    Researchers recruited 14 people with Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), a rare genetic condition that causes babies to lose some or all of their sight from birth.

    Eleven of the 14 had measurable improvements in the vision of o...

    Most folks think of blinking as the eyes' version of windshield wipers, clearing the eye of debris and maybe lubricating it, too.

    But blinking is much more than that, researchers report: It also helps the brain process what it's seeing.

    That's perhaps counterintuitive: Wouldn't it make sense to not blink, so eyes are receiving an uninterrupted stream of information?

    Today is your last chance until 2044 to see a total eclipse of the sun in the continental United States.

    But be sure to protect your eyes if you plan to watch the moon block the sun's rays, briefly plunging Earth into temporary darkness. 

    "The eclipse will last a few minutes," said Dr. Dav...

    People preparing to watch Monday's total eclipse of the sun need to protect their vision during the event, eye doctors say.

    Powerful ultraviolet rays can do permanent damage to the eyes if people look directly at the sun as the moon is sliding into place before it, said Starr Schroeder, an emergency department n...

    A total eclipse of the sun is coming up next week, and many folks don't know that watching it unprotected can cause permanent eye damage, a new survey finds.

    Nearly 30% of Americans don't know that looking directly into a solar eclipse without proper eye protection can cause permanent distortions or blind spots in their vision, the researchers found.

    “The survey results highlight ...

    Smacking a 100-mile-an-hour fastball or shooting down a fast-moving alien invader in a video game might involve more than fast reflexes, researchers report.

    Elite gamers and pro athletes may also have a hidden vision advantage over others, a new study finds.

    Some people can perceive rapidly changing visual cues better than others, researchers reported April 1 in the journal PLOS...

    Folks suffering from dry eyes might have a problem with the naturally occurring bacteria found on the surface of their eyes, a new study suggests.

    There are key differences in the microbes found on dye eye patients compared to folks with normal eyes, researchers found.

    “Once we understand the eye microbiota properly, it will improve disease diagnosis at an early stage,” said lea...

    Children with “lazy eye” are more likely to become adults facing an array of serious health problems, a new study warns.

    Kids diagnosed with amblyopia are more likely to develop high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes as adults, researc...

    The eyes may have it when it comes to the early diagnosis of autism in children, a new study finds.

    Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), have pinpointed a gene that affects how kids' eyes react when they turn their heads.

    Typically, people use what's called the vestibulo-ocular reflex to help their sight coordinate with their head movement.


    Eye ointment products made in India and sold in the United States at Walmart, CVS and other retailers are being recalled due to a danger of infection.

    Brassica Pharma Pvt. Ltd., of Maharastra, India, said it is recalling various eye lubricant products labeled Equate, CVS Health and AACE. Recalled products will have expiration dates ranging from February 2024 to September 2025.


    FRIDAY, Feb. 23, 2024 (HealthDay news) -- Artificial intelligence can match and even outperform human eye doctors in diagnosing and treating glaucoma, a new study finds.

    The GPT-4 system from OpenAI did as well or better than ophthalmologists in assessing 20 different patients for glaucoma and retinal disease, researchers report Feb. 22 in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology.


    Age-related macular degeneration can lead to vision loss in seniors, but new therapies have offered fresh hope for preserving eyesight later in life, eye experts say.

    These cutting-edge therapies benefit both the dry and wet types of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), says the American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS).

    Eleven million people in the United States have AMD, wi...

    Driving at night can be risky business, as a dangerous combination of darkness and the glare of bright lights can make it hard to see the road, but one expert offers some safety tips.

    “If you have to drive in the evening time and you're not comfortable, try to stick with roads that you know and make sure you know where you're going so you don't have to be looking at street signs, which ...

    Certain copycat eyedrops may be contaminated and could give users an antibiotic-resistant eye infection, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned Wednesday.

    The packaging for South Moon, Rebright and FivFivGo eyedrops mirrors the packaging for Bausch & Lomb's Lumify eyedrops, an over-the-counter product approved for red eye relief.

    However, samples of the knockoff South Moon...

    Strange visual disturbances occur early in about 10% of Alzheimer's cases, and when this happens it almost always signals the impending arrival of the disease, a new study finds.

    The condition is called posterior cortical atrophy (PCA). It involves a sudden difficulty in performing vision-related tasks -- for example writing, judging whether an object is moving or stationary, or easily pi...

    Black people are five times as likely as others to develop glaucoma and up to 15 times more likely to be blinded by the degenerative eye disease.

    Now, a new study reports that genetics appears to be at least one factor contributing to this increased risk.

    Researchers have identified three gene variants that could be fueling Black people's higher glaucoma risk, according to findings ...

    As levels of nighttime artificial outdoor light rise, so do the odds for a leading cause of vision loss, age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

    South Korean researchers found that people living in areas of that country with the highest levels of streetlights and other artificial light had more than double the odds for AMD, compared to those living in areas with the lowest levels.


    Glaucoma can steal your sight before you even realize it, and early diagnosis is the best way to prevent it.

    Many of the 3 million Americans who have glaucoma are unaware of it because they have no symptoms, according to the Glaucoma Foundation. In glaucoma, a buildup of fluid in the front part of the eye increases pre...

    Prolonged fasting before an internal heart exam done under sedation may be unnecessary, new research suggests.

    Typically, patients undergoing coronary artery catherization are told to take nothing by mouth after midnight before the procedure, but a randomized controlled trial at a Midwest heart hospital found no need for it.

    "Requiring all patients to fast for six hours or longer ha...

    Despite a common belief in the medical community and elsewhere, the vast majority of people who undergo gender-affirming surgery do not regret it later.

    In all, less than 1% of people who underwent gender-affirming surgery said they wished they hadn't done it, a new review of the data showed.

    That's far lower than rates of regret about any kind of surgery among cisgender people (peo...

    Seniors with vision issues are at much higher risk for dangerous falls, new research confirms.

    Compared to seniors with good vision, the odds for a fall rose by 38% for seniors with glaucoma, 36% for those with cataracts and 25% for seniors with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), say a team reporting Dec. 28 in the journal

  • Ernie Mundell HealthDay Reporter
  • |
  • December 29, 2023
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  • No glowing red nose required: Real reindeer don't need Rudolph's help to find the Arctic food they love most, new research shows.

    If you're a reindeer, your go-to favorite food is a humble moss-like lichen called Cladonia rangiferina, explained researchers at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H.

    Trouble is, in the darkness of a northern winter spotting the lichen can be reall...

    Screens are everywhere -- on desks, in laps, on the wall -- and eye strain is a temporary but uncomfortable condition that comes with overuse.

    Folks spending too much time with screens can develop dry eyes, blurry vision, tearing or watering eyes, or a headache, warns the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

    That's because humans tend to blink less while staring at these devices...

    Dozens of over-the-counter lubricating eyedrops and artificial tears faced recall in 2023, due to contamination and unsafe manufacturing practices.

    “This year, we've seen an especially large number of recalls in ophthalmologic products,” said Gary Novack, a clinical professor with the UC Davis Health D...

    A Mr. Magoo with thick glasses peering out from behind the wheel might not inspire confidence from his fellow motorists, but a new study shows other types of vision loss might be even more dangerous while driving.

    Loss of peripheral vision also can dramatically increase the risk of a car crash, Australian researchers presented in findings this week at the American Academy of Ophthalmology...

    There's good news for people with diabetes who are turning to drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy to treat their disease and lose weight: The drugs probably will not harm their vision.

    Semaglutide (the generic name for both medicines) can trigger rapid drops in blood sugar. Prior research had linked these types of blood sugar changes with a worsening of a common diabetes complication called dia...

    Cardinal Health, Inc. is voluntarily recalling certain LEADER brand eyedrops because they may cause eye infections.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration informed the Dublin, Ohio, company that agency investigators found unsanitary conditions in its manufacturing facility. Tests of critical drug production areas of the facility were positive for bacteria.

    The drops were supplied by ...

    Federal regulators are warning consumers to stop using eyedrops and gels from several major brands after finding unsanitary conditions in a manufacturing plant.

    Twenty-six eye care products are part of the alert. Contaminated products have the potential to cause eye infection and blindness because drugs applied to the eye can bypass some of the body's defenses.

    Those concerning the ...

    Millions of people spend hours looking at screens every day, straining their eyes.

    An ophthalmologist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston offers some tips for easing both eye strain and headaches.

    “We focus on one object, especially an object that's up close, like a computer screen or phone, for prolonged periods of time, and we don't give our eye muscles time to rest,” sai...

    Nutrition is important for your whole body, including those two small organs through which you look at the world.

    The same diet that's good for your heart and the rest of your body will also help your eyes, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

    The academy offers advice on vision-healthy foods and how to create a diet rich in them.

    “Some nutrients keep th...

    New Swedish research suggests that up to 5% of 70-year-olds have glaucoma, and half of those diagnosed didn't even know they had the disease.

    “Of those who were diagnosed with glaucoma via the study, 15 people -- or 2.7% of all participants -- were unaware that they had the disease before being examined,” said study author

  • Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter
  • |
  • September 8, 2023
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  • Tainted eye drops are back in the news, with federal regulators warning consumers not to use certain eye drops because of contamination concerns.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday

    Eye tests are an important way to catch potential eye-related issues in children, but more than two-thirds of kids in the United States are not receiving them at their checkups.

    Those with Medicaid and other public health insurance were far less likely to receive these vision checks in the past year at their primary care doctor's office, according to researchers at University of Michigan ...

    British researchers may have found a way to diagnose Parkinson's disease several years sooner.

    Researchers at University College London and Moorfields Eye Hospital say that eye scans may be able to detect signs of Parkinson's up to seven years before diagnosis.

    “I continue to be amazed by what we can discover through eye scans. While we are not yet ready to predict whether an indi...

    Phillip Durst was working near an industrial dishwasher when something went awry, and the machinery spewed caustic chemicals into his eyes.

    “If I had been standing a foot left or right, it wouldn't have hit me right where it did. I was just standing in the wrong place,” said Durst, 51, of Birmingham, Ala.

    The chemicals caused severe burns to his eyes, blinding him.


    Heavy screen users often buy blue light-filtering eyeglasses to protect their eyes -- but they may be wasting their money, a new study suggests.

    A new research review suggests these blue light-filtering glasses probably make no difference to eye strain, eye health or sleep quality, at least in the short term.

    And it's still unclear whether these glasses protect against retina damag...

    Treatment can control the symptoms of the most common type of glaucoma and save someone's vision.

    The catch is that a person can't feel the changes in eye pressure that can damage vision, so they often won't know they even have it before it's too late.

    That is, unless they've been seeing an eye doctor regularly.

    One vision expert encourages people to not wait for that pressur...

    Low doses of the eyedrops ophthalmologists use to dilate your pupils during an eye exam are not able to slow the progression of nearsightedness (myopia) in children, a new clinical trial has found.

    Atropine eyedrops at a concentration of 0.01% did not outperform placebo drops in slowing either myopia progression or elongation of the eye among children after two years of treatment, the stu...

    Older American adults who live in warmer regions are more likely to have serious vision impairment than those who live in cooler places, new research finds.

    Living with average temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit or above -- think South Florida, for example -- created much higher odds of blindness or trouble seeing even with glasses, according to a new study of 1.7 million people.

    Nearly 10 million Americans are at risk for blindness from diabetic retinopathy, a new study finds.

    In 2021, an estimated 9.6 million people in the United States — 26% of those with diabetes — had the eye illness and nearly 2 million had the most severe form, "vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy" (VTDR), researchers say. That's 5% of those with diabetes.


  • Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter
  • |
  • June 19, 2023
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  • There is no cure for nearsightedness, but medicated eye drops can slow down its progression in children, a new trial finds.

    The study tested the effects of eye drops containing a very low dose of the drug atropine — the same medication used to dilate the pupils during an eye exam.

    Researchers found that when children with nearsightedness used the drops every day for three years, t...

    Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness around the world, but surgery can restore vision.

    “Unlike many of the other major eye diseases, such as glaucoma or diabetes-related eye disease, cataracts can be easily and painlessly treated by surgery to remove and replace the eye's lens, restoring sight for most patients,” said

  • Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter
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  • May 31, 2023
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  • Cases of vision loss and deaths are mounting in an investigation into eye drops contaminated with a rare strain of a drug-resistant bacteria.

    In all, four people have died, with one new death now being reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Meanwhile, ...

    Months before U.S. health officials warned that tainted eye drops were causing vision loss and even death, a Cleveland woman lost the sight in her eye in a case that puzzled her doctors.

    The 72-year-old went to an outpatient eye clinic last November complaining of blurry vision. She was sent to a hospital emergency department from there.

    Ophthalmologists evaluated her eye, cultured ...

    U.S. regulators inspecting a factory in India that has been linked to contaminated eyedrops have uncovered a laundry list of problems.

    An outbreak of eye infections involving products made at the factory stems from exposure to a highly drug-resistant bacteria known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa

    People who are blind are better at sensing their own heartbeats, according to a new study that found blindness appears to heighten one's ability to feel signals from the inner body.

    Researchers from Sweden and Poland tested this in a study of 36 blind individuals and the same numbe...