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22 Feb

Girls with Type 2 Diabetes at Increased Risk for Ovarian Cysts, Study Finds

Nearly 1 out of 5 girls with type 2 diabetes develops polycystic ovary syndrome, researchers say.

22 Feb

Un estudio halló que las adolescentes con diabetes tipo 2 tienen mayor riesgo de quistes ováricos

Casi 1 de cada 5 adolescentes con diabetes tipo 2 desarrolla el síndrome de ovario poliquístico, según los investigadores.

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Pancreatic cysts can progress into cancer over time, an expert says, so it's important to identify and monitor patients with these growths.

Located between the stomach and the spine, the pancreas produces enzymes that help digest food and secretes hormones -- such as insulin -- that help regulate metabolism.

About 15% of Americans are believed to have pancreatic cysts, which are sma...

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