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Ten days after surgery to remove half of his colon, Pope Francis has been discharged from a Rome hospital.

The Associated Press reported that a car carrying Francis, 84, left Rome's Gemelli Polytechnic hospital and traveled to the Vatican on Wednesday morning.

After being diagnosed with diverticular stenosis, a severe narrowing of the large intestine, half of the pope's col...

Pope Francis' treatment and recovery are proceeding as planned after his intestinal surgery on July 4, the Vatican said Friday in its daily medical update.

It said the 84-year-old pontiff is walking, working and has celebrated mass at the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome, and will deliver his weekly Sunday blessing from there, the Associated Press reported. Barring complications, he's ...

Although colonoscopy screens for cancer, it can also uncover a common condition called diverticulosis.

This is when one or more pockets develop in the colon wall, often in the large bowel. These pockets occur over time, possibly from not getting enough fiber in your diet or eating too much red meat. They're so common that about 50% of people have them by age 50, according to the A...