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People who get many of their meals from packages may have heightened risks of heart disease, stroke and premature death, two large studies suggest.

The findings, published online May 29 in the journal BMJ, are the latest to point the finger at "ultra-processed" foods.

They include not only "junk food" -- like chips, sweets and fast food -- but also the breads, process...

Many Americans believe they face health risks from food additives, but plenty of others think that additives in small amounts won't harm them, a new survey finds.

It seems the United States is divided about the harms and benefits of modern food production practices.

Specifically, 51 percent of Americans say they could be sickened by food additives, but 48 percent believe th...

Most Americans believe lab-grown meat should be labeled as different from conventional meat, a new survey finds.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration held a public meeting last week on the safety of such products, also called synthetic or cultured meat.

The results of the national phone survey by Consumer Reports were released the same day.

Forty-nine percent of s...